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“My Passion is Helping Small Businesses Grow by helping you connect with your ideal customer online”

Getting your business online

Every business has it’s own unique style and selling point, that thing that makes you, well YOU. At RSZ, we want to make sure that whatever that thing is, it really SHINES through in all aspects of your business including your digital marketing!  We know that what you need for your business might not necessarily be the same for another, which is why we pride ourselves on a personalised approach that will get you outstanding results.  Beginning all of our client’s journeys with a FREE 30 minute strategy call (yes FREE!), we aim to really get to know YOU and your business, arriving at a deep understanding for your digital marketing needs.


During this first and arguably most important stage we will complete an in depth audit of your business – yep, we are going to know your business nearly as well as you do… and your customers too!


From what we uncovered during the discovery phase we will pinpoint the specific channels your customers are on and build a digital marketing plan that aligns with your strategic business goals.


Now, this is where the fun REALLY begins!  Diving straight into it, we will deliver on digital campaigns that not only make you look AMAZING (you’re welcome), but also connect you with your ideal customer.


Through the use of purpose built analytics software, we examine this highly valuable data and use it to scale your campaign, making small adjustments where needed, to ensure you get maximum return on investment.

Not after a full digital marketing experience? Too easy!

We can work with you to develop individual elements of your digital marketing.  From insightful market research and cleaver search engine optimisation (SEO) to crafty content creation and our personal favourite, website building, because let’s face it, we all love something that looks GOOD!  Whatever you are after we will help you connect with your audience so that you can see your business flourish and grow.



Digital Marketing Audit

It’s okay to admit that your digital marketing strategy could be better (and even if it doesn’t exist at all). Sometimes we all need that expert wizard to guide us (that wizard is us but minus the magical capes!).

Before we dive into creating AMAZING new strategies for your brand, it’s important to know where your current digital strategies lie. We will get out our magnifying glass and investigate your existing digital marketing practices, online presence and how your results measure against your objectives (before we transform your goals into achievable KPIs for sustainable success).

Using the trusty SMART goal methodology, we also will review your content marketing, social media, SEO, paid advertising and onsite optimisation to pin point opportunities for growth and measure current strategy effectiveness and ROI. You will become confident and aware of the exact channels, strategies and KPIs that will get your brand the best results.

Target Market Identification

There are customers, then there are ones that bring you profit, rave about your brand and help you achieve your sales goals. We know which one we would prefer! Let’s help you get more clientele like customer #2!

Using primary and secondary research methodology, RSZ will help you segment your industry

market to discover who your ideal customer REALLY is. And no, it’s not just Males that like golf or females in their 30s who bake. It’s time to dive in deep, sourcing key demographics and psychographics of your audience. We will explore what makes them tick, their main points, their goals and how to speak their language.

Using the information we learn about your audience, we will develop your very own buying persona that you can use to position your brand into the right market with messaging that is going to resonate with their goals and pain points.

Social Media Discovery

So, you’ve given this whole social media thing a shot but just simply don’t understand why you aren’t growing or why your followers aren’t engaging? Let’s build your social presence – the right way!

But before we get into the next steps, we will completely audit each of your social accounts to analyse what’s working and simply, what’s not. Taking advantage of the native (and amazing) analytics available on each platform to gain valuable data on your current audience, we will be able to determine when your audience are online and how they are engaging or why they’re not engaging with your content (don’t worry, we’ll fix that!)

Using one of our favourite social strategy methods – social listening – to pinpoint key platforms of your ideal audience, along with their goals and frustrations, we will identify opportunities for organic growth strategies and paid advertising that will deliver a ROI.  

Digital Marketing Plan

Are you a process driven person (like me) but don’t have the time or resources to collate an effective digital marketing strategy? We’ll help develop a practical plan to help you (or me) implement digital strategies that connect with your ideal customer.

This plan covers ALL aspects of digital marketing to get you noticed by your ideal customers; including social media, website optimisation, SEO, content marketing, paid advertising and email marketing. Within these digital channels, we’ll discuss resources, budgets, KSO’s KPI’s, channels and project management strategies that will align with your overall business goals. It’s so in-depth that we even cover own, paid and earned media!

Using dual access project management software, we’ll ensure you are on the right path with the ability to track strategies and measure performance of your effective digital marketing plan. After all, having a good plan leads to easy implementation and long-term digital marketing success!


Before we tell you why optimising SEO is a MUST, let us help you understand how it can help your business. Search Engine Optimisation is a complex, yet simple concept (essentially a magical art) of optimising your online content to land in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) organically (for FREE). YES FREE!

We’ve developed an effective SEO strategy for businesses (just like yours) to build quality organic traffic aimed at generating leads and sales that align with your overarching objectives (whether that be qualified leads or e-commerce sales).  Our approach is simple. We understand your ideal customers’ desires and deliver this through valuable, optimised and consistent content.

Now, we did mention that SEO was complex. If you wanted to know how our SEO strategy can help your business get long-term sustainable results, chat to our friendly team who understand honest white hat SEO and know exactly how to achieve results.  

Website Design & Development

We are so glad you decided to read this section because it’s (most definitely) our favourite part! Whether you are yet to build a website, or are looking to revamp your websites functionality and eye-catching layout; let us design and develop a website that is optimised for search, striking in design and captivates your audience with a unique user experience.

We know how critical those first impressions are, which is why we undertake a holistic approach (from wire frames thought to launch) that covers search engine optimisation, UX and UI design as a priority, e-commerce to drive sales, integration with social media, functionality to encourage growth and acuity options to improve business processes efficiently and effectively.

We host with our trusted Australian partner and will even train you in the visual front-end builder so you can maintain long-term growth (or we can optimise this growth for you!).

Social Media Management

By now you know that we LOVE a good strategy; so it’s no surprise that our social media management focuses on planning, developing and implementing a social media strategy that is tailored to your brand and focuses on your ideal audience. All there’s left to do is implement (it’s that easy you could do it from that tropical beach!)

We understand the social that generate long-term social success, which is why we target all areas of the sales funnel through visual, video and written content. We’ll even guide you through resources, budgets, KSO’s, KPI’s, channels and project management to optimise your ROI – not familiar with these terms? That’s what we’re here for.

Using premium automated software, we’ll help you plan your content calendar so your posts are optimised for maximum results. Like any good strategy, we’ll track performance to iterate, adapt and scale in the areas of success. 

Email Marketing

Did you know email marketing is one of the oldest but most effective marketing tools that will never lose its strong ROI?  To optimise this channel, we utilise the most effective email marketing software that is fast, flexible and customisable to really impact and inspire your ideal audience whether its their first email or during retention.

As a small business, we know you are busy running every aspect of your business, so let us take care of setting up your email marketing for success; using the omni channel approach, our experienced copywriting techniques and visual appeal.

Focusing on retention, relationship building and engaging with your community for long-term business growth; we ensure your email marketing is optimised through striking design and targeted messaging. Our email marketing strategies align with your overarching digital marketing strategy, including measurable analytics and a list of qualified leads to optimise your business success.

Content Marketing

So, you just can’t stop thinking about how you could communicate your brand messages more directly and effectively, but just simply not sure how? You understand your niche market but are struggling to link the valuable message you know will resonate with your audience. Sound familiar?

At RSZ, we pride ourselves on (and did we mention, absolutely love?) customised strategic marketing approaches that deliver valuable and consistent content to your ideal audience. From copywriting, blogs, captions, eBooks, white pages and articles; you name it, we have you covered.

We know the best content marketing strategies are those with deep background knowledge and great understanding of your customers and industry awareness. We’ll take your complete knowledge of your ideal buyer (or develop this data for you in the discovery stage) and transform your targeted messages into valuable and relevant content aimed at driving profitable conversion.

Reporting and Analytics

We know the most effective and successful strategies are those with continuous tracking of campaign performance to ensure all of your hard work and strategic efforts are paying off. One of the biggest mistakes we often see with the implementation of digital strategies is a lack of (exactly that) not analysing performance and adapting based on what’s working and what’s wasting your time, budgets and resources.

Making use of the very best purpose-built analytics software, we review this highly valuable data and use it to scale your campaign; making the smallest of adjustments where needed to ensure you have every opportunity for maximised results. Basically, we want to keep you from wasting time and resources on strategies that don’t speak to your customers (who has time for that!). We want to set you up for long term business growth and success, so report and analyse we shall do!

Behind RSZ Consulting

My name is Rachael, your resident digital marketing extraordinaire and founder of RSZ Consulting!  It is my passion to provide businesses (like yours) with accessible digital marketing solutions and provide you with confidence in the digital marketing space.  I want to help businesses not only understand who their ideal customer is, but what makes them tick.  I want to help you create and deliver engaging content that not only looks AWESOME, but also resonates with your audience on a deeper level.  I want to help you reach your business objectives and grow them further.  I want YOU to have digital marketing success!

When I’m not whipping up incredible, show stopping digital marketing campaigns, I enjoy family time, nutrition, exercise, building websites (yes I know this is technically work, but I LOVE it), and enjoying good wine and food!


Rachael has been absolutely instrumental in her assistance & support in the recent set up of our new business.   We had a concept of what we wanted to achieve but no real idea of what was involved until we came across RSZ Consulting. Rachael’s meticulous attention to detail & broad vision when it comes to branding, content, marketing & planning is next level & she guided us at every step along the way. 

Rachael  has a vast & incredible knowledge of what’s required to be present in the highly competitive digital space, which with her guidance & expertise has seen our business profile continue to move up steadily & consistently over the past 18 months. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her & she meets our business needs at every turn with enthusiasm & professionalism & efficiency.

Here at Plus 1 accounting, Rach is known as “ Rach is Ace” & we couldn’t agree more. 

-David Anderson {Managing Director}

Plus 1 Accounting Group

WHEW!!!!!!!  Wonderful, thanks.  I no longer feeling ashamed of my Home Page.  I feel excited about having it. I hope it will inspire other people too.  It looks attractive, clean, professional, simple to follow and crammed with information and opportunities to connect.  I am very pleased.

-Annie O’Grady {EFT Practitioner & Master Trainer}

EFT Emotional Healing

Rachael always goes above and beyond! She worked with us to understand our digital marketing objectives and turned our goals into an effective strategy that aligned with our business objectives. Rachael really understood our brand identity when creating our new membership website  and was able to tailor it to the customer experience to the highest quality. She really can provide the whole package!

-Dwain Richardson {Managing Director}

Corporate Challenge Events

Not being computer savvy, I had RSZ Consulting develop a web site for me. Now launched and getting plenty of attention, I can’t thank Rachael enough. It was very reassuring knowing that she was just a call away when I needed help, and with her patience & training, I am now able to maintain my own site with confidence.

-Julie Holford {Founder}
3 Hound Sausages

30 Minute Consult


 Beginning all of our client’s journeys with a FREE 30 minute strategy call (yes FREE!), we aim to really get to know YOU and your business, arriving at a deep understanding for your digital marketing needs.  From here, we will create a strategy that will help you get the most out of your marketing and leave you feeling satisfied as you sit back and reap the rewards.

“Rachael  has a vast & incredible knowledge of what’s required to be present in the highly competitive digital space”

I am now able to maintain my own site with confidence

“Rachael always goes above and beyond!”

“Rachael always goes above and beyond!”